First date with Jerry Bear!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Took my off day last Wednesday so i can drive Grandma, Mummy and my uncle to Singapore General Hospital to accompany grandma for her check up!

Yay, wore my camel leather jacket that i got from Berska for the first time, so comfy! One of my must pack item from the upcoming Aussie trip. (:


Took around 3-4 hours until the entire check up was over, mad sleepy because it was SO early! After the check up, sent them home. Went to meet Jeremy and we headed to ICA.

Ugh I'm seriously down on my luck. On the day that i got into the car accident (i haven't even got around to replace my bonnet that's gonna cost me around $500) in addition to that, i lost my IC on the same day.

So sad! i actually really really like my 14 year old photo on my IC! ):


Oh wells! I had to do my IC, darling had to renew his passport too!

LOL please don't focus on my eye bags and dark eye rings.
Ever since we met the both of us are just turning into human walking pandas.
IT'S TERRIBLE.. but sweet!... cos we spend waaaaay too much time together/talking on the phone till dawn.

Hate how long and thick his lashes are.. so envious, Y LIKE THAT?!
Boys have such thick lashes what for?! Give me give me!!! *demanding*

Lol, after ICA we went to Strip @ Dempsey House so i could do my brazillian waxing, while i was having the treatment left boyfriend with my ex-colleague Min so they can annoy each other with their crappy-ness.

Hahahha then after i'm done, Min told me earlier on she asked him how he manage to "chase" me so quickly..
then he replied "OH, I GO BY CTE!"

WTF?! LOL!!!!

Went to Thai Accents @ Vivocity for lunch, i had my faaaaavorite Mango Sticky Rice with so much coconut sauce. Slurps.



Sleepy sleepy sleepy, we're so sleepy!


His phone. Awwwww~
So cute still can replace the phone service provider to " FIDELIS
" one!


Happy, silly smiling couple!


Errr, happy snapping photos of each other until i forgotten to photograph the food.

After lunch we walked over to Harbourfront Tower Two to take a cable car ride to Sentosa!

The lovely folks at The Jewel Box prepared two complimentary cable car ride tickets for me and my partner to enjoy the World's First Sky Art Gallery.


Thanks The Jewel Box for the awesome experience (:

Basically to celebrate Singapore's National Day 2011, Singapore Cable Car collaborate with OIC Singapore (Organisation of Illustrators Council) to "dress up" 46 cable cars with the artworks of 10 local illustrators of the artistic impression of Singapore.

Pretty cool experience really, other than enjoying the view with your other half/friends, you can check out the cool illustrations high up in the sky!




Mid-autumn festival is coming, and they are having a package deal so take a peek HERE to do something out of the box with your family this year!

After the cable car ride, went strolling around RWS and bought Reese peanut butter cups at Hersey world! Omg the new peanut butter cups minis -unwrapped is so shiok ttm!


Then i remember Florella works at Tanjong Beach, woots!
Haven't seen her since my birthday.
Called her, she's there so we took the beach tram and headed to Tanjong Beach!

Too bad she has an event to attend to so we only manage to chat for a bit,
but she's leaving for her studies in London VERY soon, so mad envious!

Somehow the sand at sentosa like become finer and soooo nice to burrow your feet in! Wonder if they bought sand from like Phuket or what hahahaha


End of the day for our first date.. and more to come! (:

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Shiberty Sweets!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Ahh i can't believe i have not blogged about this yet, haha these photos have just been sitting around in my folder like forever. Anyway Jessica and i kinda drifted apart when i started working and all but recently i invited her to my 21st birthday and we started hanging out again and it's been AWESOME! Can't wait for our SPRING AUSSIE TRIP happening in like 16 days!!! OMG! We have like a million things to book/shop/do before we fly off!!! *stress stress stress*

Anyway! If you're not on my fb/twitter you'll be seeing these lovely cupcakes for the first time!
See what Jess brought along for my 21st birthday party:




Heh, posing with the lovely cupcakes which was snapped up in a jiffy!

Didn't have time to eat during the party so i had two of 'em in the morning after the party and it's so delish! Whatever's sugary rocks my boat.

Anyway after my birthday party Jessica invited Nadnut & I over to her place for a mini "cupcake decorating workshop", lol dug out some Shiberty Sweet's sticker from jess's bag and me being me.. damn itchy hand started sticking them all over...


Heh, look at my first petal cupcake! Pass or fail? :p


Nadnut & my cupcakes!

I think she and Sam should totally start cupcake deco workshops! But they're always swarmed with orders whenever i drop by her place to hangout ahhh, hope they find time to open workshops soon. Nadnut & I had lots of fun trying to decorate the design cupcakes! (:

haha but it's very interesting seeing what different design cakes/cupcakes they do everyday, one day it's a Monkey face cake, next day it's a Superman theme fondant cake, then it's a proposal cake completed with a glass heel! Heard that the girl who got proposed to said YES! How sweet! (:


So cute right!

Then the other day at the churp churp event look what Jess did! heh


AWWWWWWWW!! Churp churp!


So cool that they can just do any design just like that. Don't think I'm ever gonna be that creative! You can go see more of their previous designs at
For such design cupcakes/cakes, i think it's super affordable!

After the churp churp event, Jess & Sam, Me & Jeremy we went to Mandarin Gallery to have dinner.. at Ippudo! Yummy pork cheek ramen, i want more!

Heh, look at the sign! No eating.. No Napping.. No MAKING OUT?!


We're rebels. (:
Lol, we went to take neoprints too! Haven't took them in eons.


Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

feather earrings

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Thank you for all the comments, emails, messages i've received this couple days, I'm truly so relieved that i have this blog, because no matter what I'm going through, I'm never totally alone because i have such awesome readers and friends that I've made through this blog! Although it's a truly unconventional way of making friends?!

Anyway, did a shoot yesterday morning, so early zZz some details were conveniently omitted when i was asked to do the shoot so honestly I'm not too happy about it at all.
BUT! I had fun with Jessica, Christy, Roxanne & Daphne!

After the shoot, we drove to Parkway Parade for brunch with Jessica & Christy.

Went to shop around with Jessica for accessories and some spring-ish clothes that we can wear for our Aussie trip in.. omg 17 days!!! We're gonna stay in Sydney for half the trip and then head over to Gold Coast, our vacation apartment is gonna be like minutes walk from Bondi Beach!


Jessica convinced me to get this awesome pair of
white feather earrings which i thought was gonna be too long and over for me since i have like short hair right? But this morning i tried wearing only one side and styling my hair to the side and i freaking love it !

Next week is gonna be AWESOME! Monday to friday styling for New york skin solutions and Yun Nam Hair Care's beauty talkshow filming, have to reach jurong 6am everyday but what the heck i get to hangout with my ex-colleagues and they are so fun!

Then Saturday/Sunday I'm having a sponsored staycation at Quincy Hotel with a cupcake workshop and movie night! (:

Tonight after work I'm gonna head over to boyfriend's place cos he's cooking dinner for me, how sweet! Then after that I'm gonna head to helipad for a farewell party. So sad that he can't come along with me, oh wells! There's always next time. (:

Yesterday i was at his place and his 8-year old niece came for the day and he was teasing her and giving "bunny hugs -(how cute is that)?!" and checking his niece's homework. Awwwww

Ok! Gotta run, love you all!
Loves, TheLuckiestChick.